Garment Care


Your clothes are important to you, and you want them to last. So do we.

We put together some tips to wash and care for your annotation garments to keep them looking newer longer.

Your washing machine puts more strain on your clothes than wearing them for a month and nothing short of working in a coal mine wears them out faster than a dryer. That’s why we recommend hand-washing and air drying whenever possible. It's way better for the environment and way better for your clothes!


  • Linen

Made from flax fiber, linen is an extremely resilient fabric but wrinkles easily. For an quick refresh between full cleanings, just get the garment kinda wet and smooth out the wrinkles by hand. When it's time to really clean, we recommend hand washing with cool water and laying flat or line drying. The occasional tumble dry breaks up the fibers so go ahead if you like a softer look. You can iron on the inside but we find the slightly textured look to be quite endearing.

  • Cotton

As we said, we are all about the handwash and hang method of garment care to keep your clothes lasting as long as possible. But if you need an extra hefty cleaning, your cotton clothes can stand up to the occasional machine wash. Stick to cold, especially for dark colours and skip the dryer for heavier canvas.

  • Cotton Silk

30% silk gives these garments a luxurious luster and soft hand, and a high cotton content means that you can wear them day in and day out without worrying about the fragility of pure silk. Handwash these babies with a silk-friendly detergent in warm water and air dry. Make them look like new with a cool iron on reverse.

  • Rayon

Rayon is a natural fiber made from tree cellulose. Super soft, breathable and with a great drape, Rayon is an Annotation favourite. Worried about wrinkles? Spritz your garment with water and let it dry, or hang it in the bathroom when you shower to steam those wrinkles away. Rayon is weakest when wet, so be careful with it – no wringing! Lay it flat or drip dry. Cool iron on reverse or steam.

  • Cupro

Cupro is a type of rayon and is also known as artificial silk – although like all rayons it is also made from wood pulp. Silky smooth and with a really great luster, cupro garments feel like a million bucks. To keep them that way, we recommend you always hand wash your cupro garment and lay it flat or hang to dry. Iron on the inside with a low temperature.

  • Tencel

Another brother of rayon, Tencel is made from natural wood pulp, but it is much stronger than rayon when wet or dry. It’s soft and absorbant and with good care, will last you a long time. For best results, we recommend hand washing with cool water, but for the busy folks out there, your machine’s gentle cycle should do the trick. Stay away from the dryer and always remember to iron on the inside with a low temperature to avoid getting those nasty shiny marks.

  • Silk Viscose

We love this fabric. It hangs beautifully and is so soft, you might not want to take it off. But when the time comes to wash your garment, take care! Hand wash in warm water, don’t wring and definitely lay flat to dry for this one. It will help your garment keep its shape and keep it looking its best.



Always pay attention to the washing instruction on your garment.